There is something about doing Yoga in an open space. The connection of everything around and within you is beyond. Experiencing how effortlessly yoga translates into the outdoor environment inspires and reminds us of our deep and timeless roots in nature. All the energy of Prana pulsing through our body, the stillness of the trees, the calmness of the breeze, the smell of the grass, the abundance of life around and within, are a taste of what Yoga in nature feels like.
The exchange of life between Mother-nature and ourselves, allows us to come back to our blueprint. It nourishes our senses and our souls, in a harmonious way that grounds us in the present moment. Every inhale connects, fulfils, rejuvenates the mind and body. Every exhale releases, restores, regenerates the heart, the soul. And there is love and life, around and within. Now and forever more.

About Trainer
Aloha! I am Maria!

Just another human being sharing land with you all, being myself and embracing all that I am. I strive to help people become the better version of themselves PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY through yoga practise and in general! Embrace who you are, challenge your limits, create a life of abundance, uplift your confidence, connect, release, rebuilt, be more!

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