In a mysterious world.
In a world we commit, but we die within.
In a world of competition, mystery and diversity.
We are unique, yet the same.
We struggle with pain.
We all go through shit and somehow, we make it ‘normality’.
In a world full of dreams, castles and things.
In a world of ours we think, but still another cosmos to be.
Multiple of layers, versions and seeds.
A routine of monotony, stress and grief.
A black, dark place to reach. A hole in the sky. A tear in a pond.
A fearful emotion that we call it ‘home’.
We are trying to achieve perfection, when perfection doesn’t exist.
We clean the houses, but they will always be dusty and untidy.
We make love to our partner, but do we feel pleased?
Or is it us or our fantasy that make this pleasing feel exist?
We are poor, naked and raw.
We always work for more,
but time is what we haven’t got.
We pray for a better life,
or life to unfold smoothly,
yet we force life to happen and we cut the flow harshly.
No ethos, no manners, only blindness and hammers.
Unfortunately, we die, by living a life.
A routine, a ‘this is how life should be’.
A grown up human with masters and degrees.
Papers of certificates, money- a print indeed.
A husband or a wife, a kid or two or three.
Perhaps a dog, a cat, a job.
A life full of meetings, un-meaningful conversations rounding in circles.
An unhealthy habit,
eating crisps and rubbish.
A balanced life is the unbalanced.
Making exceptions like Rihanna.
Being somebody in a crowd is as lonely as wearing red with a cloud.
A foggy mind, with ‘steady’ life.
Hills of things and tons to achieve.
A life ahead, full of dreams, is stressing the hell out of me.
We strive for connection,
meanwhile we hate to mention,
How we are aching inside.
Drinking beer like it’s chamomile.
We try to calm down and we making it loud.
We want everyone to hear, as if this will transform us for real.
Balls and cons and wrongs.
I am glad I’m writing all this nonsense.
It’s all worth it, fuck the norm-sense.

Loving life and the process.
One day of soreness,
one life of wholeness.

About Trainer
Aloha! I am Maria!

Just another human being sharing land with you all, being myself and embracing all that I am. I strive to help people become the better version of themselves PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY through yoga practise and in general! Embrace who you are, challenge your limits, create a life of abundance, uplift your confidence, connect, release, rebuilt, be more!

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