Yoga by the beach is a practice you shouldn’t miss. It has plenty of health benefits, even though it’s a little challenging on the sand. However, it adds some extra challenge to yourself, it deepen the asanas(poses) and refreshes the soul. It’s the sound of the waves, the  calmness of the sea, the salty water, the blending of the blues and turquoises, the reflection of the sun, the sand itself. It’s the heat, the breeze, the laughs you hear at the background. It’s the magic that unfolds everytime you step on a mat. The moments you share with other yogis, the practice, the breaths, and everything in between. 

If you have the chance to experience a salty yoga practise, go for it!💙


About Trainer
Aloha! I am Maria!

Just another human being sharing land with you all, being myself and embracing all that I am. I strive to help people become the better version of themselves PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY through yoga practise and in general! Embrace who you are, challenge your limits, create a life of abundance, uplift your confidence, connect, release, rebuilt, be more!

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