I hear, I feel 

and I see you

over and above 

I miss you

in cloud 200 

filming Marvel 

a fantasy or two 

spending life with you

from 0 to 100 

insanely busted

extreme emotions 

exploring devotions

a place to be 

a trauma to heal 

another city to leave 

an experience to live

you got this 

a kiss of your bliss 

shine on Sis

your status is Miss

About Trainer
Aloha! I am Maria!

Just another human being sharing land with you all, being myself and embracing all that I am. I strive to help people become the better version of themselves PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY through yoga practise and in general! Embrace who you are, challenge your limits, create a life of abundance, uplift your confidence, connect, release, rebuilt, be more!

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